Learning Strategies by Kate Benson

Learning Strategy #1: words that work

In this series of videos you learn about Teaching Excellence and the learning strategies that are an integral part of Teaching Excellence. In this first video you get an introduction to Teaching Excellence and you learn how to prepare your student or pupil for learning by using words that work.

Learning Strategy #2: Creating Great Learning States

In the first episode of this ongoing series we learned about how to prepare the student for learning. Now we move to how you can create a great learning state. First in yourself and then in your students.

Learning Strategy #3: Utilising NLP Timelines

Our brain processes time by turning it into space. This proces creates what is known as a time line. Scientists have found that everyone on the planet has a time line. In this video on Learning Strategies you learn how to discover your time line and how to use your time line for learning.

Learning Strategy #4 How are your questioning skills? (part 1)

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